Hi, I'm Lucie!
I shoot lifestyle and product photography that boosts your business.

I’m glad you’re here! Because it means that:

  • You recognize the crucial role of visual impact in marketing and want the best for your brand.
  • You are looking for an experienced photographer who offers more than mere shutter clicks but strategic thinking.

And that’s exactly what I am here for!

For me, photography isn’t just about creating perfect-looking visual content. It’s about generating tangible outcomes. With my background in marketing, I know what photos need to look like for different purposes and platforms. That’s why I meticulously think everything through before I press the shutter for the first time.

From diplomacy to marketing to photography

My academic journey in economics and international relations initially steered me towards diplomacy. But I soon realized that spending time at meetings and official parties was not my thing. I felt like the adventure was waiting for me out there.

My travels during my studies took me to India, Brazil, and an internship in Togo, Africa. I wanted to remember such adventures vividly, so I started capturing them on borrowed equipment.

After college, my steps led to marketing, as it would allow me to continue traveling. But I was shooting more and more, and the job offers started to come in. Suddenly, my vision of digital nomadism evolved into something even better. Photography has become my true vocation.

I'm still on the road

I work with international brands like Pilsner Urquell, Toyota, and Lexus, but also small local companies and start-ups. Many of my projects are field-based, so I travel regularly and spend all day with my camera outside. I like to embrace the challenges of outdoor photography – making swift decisions, adapting to weather, and mastering light.

Yet, studio photography holds equal allure, as my creativity can run wilder. It allows me to create the perfect conditions I need for a given creative concept. Plus, time is not limited so I can play with even the tiniest details.

But what I love most is when I can merge travel with photography. That led me to offer product shoots in unique photogenic destinations – beaches, picturesque mountain villages, overlooking palm groves, or snow-capped mountain peaks.

Giving life to big ideas as well

I have a network of experienced professionals with whom I am happy to assemble an entire production team. I will make sure that everyone delivers their best.

Shall we create something together?

Let me know what you do and how you envision the ideal photos for your business.